King Blue by Greenland Builder Greenland Group establishment on July 18, 1992, as the state-owned huge venture group in Shanghai, has been following the corporate tenet of “Greenland, produce better life” to do just what federal government believes and satisfy exactly what market needs over the past 21 years, and also has developed a diversified industrial framework through both industrial and funding procedure under which “power and finance parts are produced at the same time with real estate as primary procedure”. The Group rates 359th in 2013 on the Fortune Global 500 listing as well as 55th amongst Top 500 China Enterprises.

In 2013, the business earnings of the Group totaled 54 billion USD, up by 33 % over in 2012, as well as the overall pre-tax revenues exceeded 4.6 billion USD. The overall assets of the Group by the end of 2013 totaled 58 billion USD. Amongst them, 16.66 million square meters of real estate items have been marketed with the sales income of 27 billion USD, ranks No. 1 and also No. 2 respectively in China. The realty pre-sales is expected to get to 39 billion USD in 2014 while business income is expected to get to 66 billion USD.

Greenland Group leads in the advancement of realty products in terms of level, product type, as well as top quality and also brand awareness, especially the development of ultra-high-rise buildings, huge urban complexes, industrial parks and business districts bordering high-speed railway stations. Currently, there are 23 ultra-high-rise site buildings incomplete or finished by the Group, among which, 4 are among top 10 highest structures in the world. Its projects cover more than 80 cities in 29 provinces, municipalities and also independent areas of China, with the on-going building location of 65 million square meters. Greenland Group has very closely followed the financial globalization as well as continuously expanded its abroad procedure to 12 cities in 9 countries of 4 continents, consisting of United States, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, France, South Korea, Thailand as well as Malaysia, aiming to come to be the leading worldwide operator of the real estate industry in China.

While maintaining its leading position in  real estate industry, Greenland Group also definitely establishes energy, finance and other sub-pillar industries. The Team has set up an integrated chain covering the production, processing, storage, transport and distribution of coal as well as the storage, transport and sales of petroleum. It owes many charcoal mines in Inner Mongolia and also Shanxi, with gross source reserve of nearly 700 million loads, annual outcome of greater than 13.5 million heaps as well as distribution of over 55 million heaps. At the same time, Greenland Group has made every effort to construct a whole economic industrial chain, developed thorough monetary teamwork with Guizhou, Guangxi as well as Jiangxi, set up small-loan firms in Shanghai, Ningbo, Chongqing, Nanchang, Qingdao as well as other central cities, and purchased shares of Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Bank of Jinzhou, Orient Stocks Firm Limited, and other financial establishments. Besides, both commercial and hotel operation have dramatically advertised the growth of the Team’s main company. The Group so far has created in complete 20 million sqm of business location as well as currently owns 3 million sqm of shopping mall, making it the leader in regards to project size, functional positioning and industrial quality in domestic real estate market. The hotels and resort industry of the Team is operated under both self-owned hotel brands and entrusted management.Currently, the Group has greater than 70 high-star hotels completed or unfinished, constituting a complete asset of 5 billion USD.
The Group never forgets its social obligation to return to the community. It contributed 32 million USD to establish up the Greenland Foundation; released unique charity brand–“Greenland Heart Program”, as well as set up the Shanghai Greenland Football Club. A total of 160 million USD has been donated or sponsored.
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